The Most Popular Every Intention Articles in 2023

2023 was a year of making space and finding grace. Check out my 10 most popular articles from 2023.

The Most Popular Every Intention Articles in 2023
The view from my writing nook as I sit down to work on an article.

Another full year in the books, and only a few days from the start of the next!

This time last year, I spoke of 2022 as a year of endurance and practising resilience. My theme for 2023 was Space and Grace, which turned out to be an apt one. There were some significant storms to weather and a lot of reflection when the sun came out again, which you might have noticed in the flavour of my articles (my full reflection on 2023 will be out the first week of January!). 

Looking back, it’s neat to see how my writing has evolved over the years and what’s resonated most with you, my dear readers. These 10 Every Intention articles came out on top in 2023. For each, I share some reflections or what inspired me to write it.

1. How to Juggle Priorities: Decide Which Balls Are Glass and Which Are Plastic

This one was by far my most visited article for 2023. 

The gist is this: We are all juggling any number of balls each day. Some of those balls are glass, and some are plastic. Drop the plastic ones, and they bounce; no big deal. The glass ones, though, will shatter, with varying degrees of damage. You have to be intentional about which ones you prioritize. The key is it’s not a separation of family and work but rather the complex mix of all the things that make up our lives. 

This article is about how to decide what’s a glass ball, especially when they all feel like glass. 

2. Letting Go of the Shoulds and The Guilt of Rest

I wrote this one on one of my writing retreats. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days away a couple of times a year to spend some focused time on my consulting and writing practice. Each has been quite different in what I did and how they felt. I started this trip low energy and tired, and (in honour of my space and grace theme) I gave myself permission to let go of all the “should” floating around in my head.

This article is about recognizing the stories we tell ourselves about rest and care and how we make ourselves feel bad about allowing ourselves to relax.

3. Sometimes, Quitting is the Best Choice. Learn How to Become a Strategic Quitter

Quitting is an interesting topic because it’s usually framed as something negative. We get so stuck in the idea that quitting is equivalent to failure, but there are many circumstances where it’s the best option. So often, quitting something that isn’t working opens up space for new and better things, but we hang on so tight and so afraid that if we quit, it will reflect poorly on us. 

This article is about changing how you think about quitting and what you can do to evaluate when it’s time to quit.

4. How to Live at 80 Percent

There is always more to do—responsibilities, activities, events, commitments, chores and everything that makes for a busy life. It’s having everything on the go at 100%. When things are going well, juggling all these things (the glass and plastic balls alike!) is possible. When something unexpected happens, things get overwhelming and out of hand. Balls drop, and burnout creeps up. 

This article shares different ways to scale things back to a more manageable 80%. When you are at 80%, you have the emotional and mental space and time to deal with whatever comes up.

5. I Worked Out 2000 Days In A Row, Here’s What I Learned

Fitness has become an essential part of my daily routine over the years since my MS diagnosis. What started as a way to regain control over my body has become vital to my overall mental and physical well-being. 

In this article, I share what I learned that helped me keep up the daily streak and how my perspective on my capabilities shifted over time. I'm proud of passing the 2000-day mark of fitness every day, and I hope it inspires others to add daily movement to their life, too.

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6. Slow Down to Speed Up: The Hockey Stick vs. Staircase Approach

A common conversation I have with my consulting clients is what they can do to go faster or be more productive because it’s the only way they feel like they can keep up with the pace of their lives. Y’all know that my answer to them is not some magical software or tactic. It’s something none of them want to hear: you have to slow down. 

This article is about a more measured approach to life. The gist is you must slow down enough to be intentional about building a solid foundation before you can speed ahead (and then do that over and over, hence the staircase). 

7. How to Have More Effective Meetings - Part 1: Purpose and People

This is the first of a duo, the second being How to Have More Effective Meetings - Part 2: Process and Product. They cover the 4 Ps of meetings, Purpose, People, Process, and Product, and practical ways for you to improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

Meetings make up a big part of many people's days and are endlessly complained about as some variation of inefficient, painful, or unproductive. One of the critical things that’s forgotten is that meetings are not just the time you are physically in the meeting but all of the things that happen before and after the meeting. If you don’t take the steps outside of the meeting, the effectiveness of the meeting itself suffers. 

This article is about all the components that make up an effective meeting and what you can do to get the most out of your meetings.

8. Advice For My 19-Year-Old Self

I am often reflective around my birthday and perhaps even more so as I approach 40. Things definitely don’t work as well as they did in my 20’s! But I also know myself so much better. 

This article is about the things I wish I could share with my 19-year-old self that would make her journey a little easier. Turns out, you have to learn some things through experience. 🙂 If you want a little encouragement to think about how far you’ve come since your younger days, this is a good one to read.

9. The Silver Linings of Hard Things

In this article, I shared that my brother, Elliot, had been in the ICU for all of February and some of my experiences. A few weeks after he went home and was on the road to recovery, I spent some time reflecting on the silver linings of what was a scary time. As crises often are, it was a reminder to connect with the people we love more often and not to let those connections get lost in the busyness of “when we have the time.”

I received a lot of lovely notes about this one. It was a tough one to write, but I’m glad to have shared it with all of you. 

10. Preparing For The Long Winter Ahead

Though we ended up having a mild start to the winter in my corner of the world, the idea of doing what you can to prepare for winter, both literal and figurative, hit home for many.

This article is about knowing that the seasons of life will change; some are easy and light, and others take a lot out of us. Connection and creativity are often the first things to go when things get hard, so I share some ideas to cultivate them, even in the winters of our lives.

I got some lovely messages from people who said this article made them feel “cozy,” which I loved.

Those of us in the northern hemisphere are well into winter now, but take a read for some ideas to set yourself up for an easier time going into the new year.

A million times: thank you!

It feels shocking to have hundreds of subscribers from 52 countries read my words and connect with them in some way. I write for myself, but I also write for you, my dear readers. I sincerely appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my articles and drop me the occasional note. 

Thank you! 

Happy holidays, and I will see you in 2024!

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