I teach workshops and present on a variety of topics business topics included in my consulting services. These sessions give you practical tools and take-aways on areas such as time and task management, decision making, strategic planning, e-commerce, and project management.


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Workshop: Q*S=R*T: The Formula for Evaluating the “How” of a Project, After the “What”

Presented by: Alberta Women Entrepreneurs
Date: TBD
Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm
Location: TBD
Details: Check back soon!

Description: Are you ever unsure how to proceed when starting a task? Do your projects ever go over budget? Do you question why someone did work a certain way? Do you want to ensure your customer is getting the experience you intended while staying within the scope, resources, and timeline you agreed to? Then Q*S=R*T is the thing for you!

You may be familiar with the triangle of “good, fast, cheap: pick two”. The Q*S=R*T framework goes a step further and breaks work into an equation involving the following four elements:

(Quality * Scope) = (Resources * Time)

Scope, resources, and time are the “What” of a project and the quality is the “How”. As you adjust different elements you have to consider the consequences so that the equation always balances out.

For example, if the scope is to “Wash the Car”, the different quality options might be a drive-through wash, a wand wash, hand-washing at home, or paying your neighbor’s kids to wash it. Each of these requires different resources and time but would technically fulfill the scope. Which one fits the scope you intended?

Learn how the Q*S=R*T framework gives your team a reference for being mindful about how they plan a project, how and why they execute in a certain way, and the impact it has on the project as a whole.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What is Q*S=R*T
  • Who can use Q*S=R*T
  • When to use Q*S=R*T
  • Some supporting strategies

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