The Most Popular Every Intention Articles in 2022

2022 was a year of practising resilience! Check out my 10 most popular articles from 2022.

The Most Popular Every Intention Articles in 2022
Sitting near the summit of a mountain I wasn't sure I could climb.

Another year has gone and so much has happened. While 2021 was a year of change, 2022 was a year of endurance and practising resilience. It’s been about keeping going, even when things are hard, but also giving myself grace when I need it (sometimes successfully, and sometimes not).

To wrap up another year, here are my top 10 most popular Every Intention articles from 2022. With each one, I share a bit of reflection on the article, what inspired me to write it, or some of the feedback I received from you, my faithful readers.

1. The Exciting Beginning, Messy Middle, and Getting Back to Basics

Winter is almost always hard for me and writing this one felt like a reset for me. It was a step back from the languishing feeling I often struggle with in the worst of the cold and dark. As I wrote it, I reminded myself of the difference between the beginning of something when it is new and exciting (which I experienced in 2021), and the middle of something when it’s hard and messy.

This article is about expectation management and leaning on my routines and habits to get through when I feel like I’m floundering. It’s a reminder that everything has a season but spring always comes eventually.

2. Work-Life Balance is a Myth, Aim for This Instead

My favourite metaphor for visualizing the many priorities we juggle in life is a pendulum. It’s counter to the ideas that work and life are two separate things and that life is ever in balance.

This article is about keeping the pendulum of your time, energy and attention moving between the many priorities you have in your life. The pendulum will constantly swing, depending on your life circumstances, values, and the season of your life.

The goal is to aim for movement, not balance.

3. Feeling Rough and Not Getting Anything Done? Take a Minimum Viable Day

The minimum viable day is when you are feeling unwell and really struggling to get anything done, you look at your to-do list and aim to only get the highest priority tasks done. Do the absolute minimum and then rest (actually rest, not half rest staring at your computer). Everything else can wait.

The minimum viable day is an essential tool in my toolbox because it reframes “I didn’t get anything done today” to “I took care of myself today so that I can feel better tomorrow”.

The article includes 5 steps to help you actually take a minimum viable day.

4. How to Recover From Burnout and Prevent Burnout From Happening in the Future

This article was the follow-up to Why Does Burnout Happen? You Do It To Yourself, which talks about the role we play in causing burnout through the decisions we make. Once you take responsibility for your part in burnout, you can start to make different decisions. These decisions are possible when you:

  1. Set more realistic expectations for yourself
  2. Get clarity on your priorities
  3. Set and maintain boundaries
  4. Reduce fear-based decision-making

So how do you do these things? Read the article to find out!

5. Why Overplanning Is a Trap And How to Stop

As a recovering over-planner, I wrote this one as much for me as for you.😅

I love a good plan, but it can become a trap when you use planning as a way to not start something.

The article outlines signs you might be an over-planner, the consequences of over-planning, and how to stop over-planning so you can actually DO THE THING (whatever it is).

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6. How To Redefine What It Means To Waste Time

This was one of my favourites and one that resonated with a lot of people. One of the challenges I see with my clients, friends, and even myself, is the feeling that wasted time is synonymous with downtime. To relax is equated with wasting time that could otherwise be used “productively”.

The article encourages you to redefine and reframe the things you consider wasted time, and instead consider:

  1. Downtime is productive time
  2. Time spent on something you enjoy is never wasted
  3. Wasted time is time missed doing what you love with the people you love

Go for the cute cat pictures, stay for the ways you can re-prioritize downtime!

7. What I Learned After a Year of Publishing The Every Intention Newsletter Every Week

This one includes my reflections from my first year of building my consulting practice and publishing this newsletter. Like any year, it was full of ups and downs, but there is always something to learn.

The most interesting thing I learned is that once you share something with others, it is no longer solely yours, which means you never know how something you share is going to hit. So you just have to put it out in the world and let others take from it what they will.

Take a read to see my other big takeaways!

8. The Ultimate Guide to Prioritization, Part 1: How to Decide What NOT To Do (When Everything Feels Important)

In this first part of the duo, I tried to hammer home the idea that most time management is not about time at all, it’s about priority management. Time is not the problem; we all get the same amount of time. It’s having too many competing priorities. The best and most efficient way to get your to-dos under control is to first decide what NOT to do because you can’t do it all.

The article gives some practical tactics for ways to figure out what not to do, so you can take what’s left and decide how to prioritize the remaining tasks…

9. The Ultimate Guide to Prioritization, Part 2: How To Decide What To Do... And Do It!

… which is what I cover in the second part of the duo. Again, these are tactical approaches to reviewing your to-do list and making intentional decisions about what to spend your precious time, energy, and attention on.

The most important takeaway:

There are things that matter and things that don’t. Focus on what matters and leave the rest.

10. 4 Ways to Reconnect to Your Habits and Reset Your Boundaries When They Slip

This is one I need to keep coming back to.

Even though I have built a consulting practice on the principles of being intentional, I still sometimes forget to do the things I teach. I forget to take proper breaks, listen to my body, protect my boundaries, and I don’t give myself the space and time I need to recharge.

It’s hard work to live an intentional life and stay connected to your good habits and boundaries. This article has good reminders to circle back on when things start to slip (because they will)!

Thank you!

To all of my subscribers around the world (43 countries and counting!):

Your time and attention are gifts you give me. I hope that I have returned that gift in kind with you a few nuggets to help you live your intentional life.💕

My Wishes For You In the Year Ahead

✨ May you be kind to yourself when things are hard.
✨ May you celebrate your wins in the way they deserve.
✨ May you give yourself space to do the things that bring you joy.
✨ May you listen to your body when it tells you to rest.
✨ May you take time to reflect on yourself and what you want out of your life.
✨ May you find ways to filter out the noise and decide for yourself what’s important and what’s not.
✨ May you be brave enough to keep moving forward and find all the joy that’s to be had.
✨ May you choose you.

Happy holidays and I will see you in 2023!

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