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How to ‘Happygolf’ Your Life

My husband, Dana Janssen, was the Keynote speaker for the 2017 University of Alberta School of Business Graduation Banquet. He shared lessons from the worst year of our lives when we were “waist-deep” in it. This post has some context on what we went through, some reflections, and how we came out “happygolfing”. Learn more about what “happygolf” means and how to apply it to your life.

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Practicing Gratitude: Looking Back at 2016 to Look Forward to 2017

I had every intention of writing a 2016 year-in-review but struggled to capture the right tone. It was a hard year and one that I am relieved to be done with, but grateful to have experienced. As I reflected on everything that happened, through many drafts of this post, I decided that I wanted to focus on gratitude. Instead of a reflection on 2106 as a whole, this post is a reflection on the things that I am grateful for and how I have been trying to practice gratitude in my life.

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